Increase the quality of your IT

Increase the quality of your IT

Here at Northstar, we use digital transformation, automation and robust and secure system design to increase the quality of your IT.

Your system needs to be fast, reliable, secure, and easy to use to make it easier to do your job. That is why we design your system with the things below in mind to increase the quality of your IT.

Well designed systems create high-utilisation 

The best way to increase the quality of your IT is to build a highly robust IT system in the first place. Many IT companies wait until your system breaks and charge customers to fix the faults. However, faults should not be the norm. Outdated systems are a greater risk for problems, so all good IT companies should include keeping systems updated as part of the service, a process known in the IT industry as “updates” or “patch”. 

However, not updating your systems is not the only cause of faults. Unnecessary customisation and overly complex designs cause faults also. Luckily, we encounter hundreds of systems that are part of more extensive MSP networks which promote best practice designs tested on hundreds of thousands of computers, far more than any single organisation can access. A standardised design creates stability. So, we design your system to industry standards.

Another way to increase the quality of your IT is to make sure you have the correct hardware to run the software you need to do your daily tasks. Software vendors often publish standard designs. Their software runs on millions of computers, providing them with intelligence on which system designs produce the fewest faults. Then, vendors sometimes publish architecture design documents, allowing MSPs like us to design a robust IT infrastructure with the resources to scale. We reference these certified designs and create an infrastructure for our customers with excellent performance and stability. As a result, working with an MSP can help you reduce faults and service your customers better. More stable systems build the confidence in your staff to utilise IT to its fullest extent creating greater efficiency rather than avoiding it.

Coupled with industry-leading security, Northstar can create an IT system that is reliable, secure and built for the future. 

Increase the quality of your IT with System Automation

IT companies regularly charge for routine tasks or set the contract’s price based on frequent work manually undertaken by engineers. Northstar has hundreds of scripts that accomplish tasks from installing software to restarting services. As a result, this helps us to keep the Automated Support Package cost low without compromising value. 

There are thousands of great systems, but they often do a single job well. Even small businesses need more than one system, for example, systems for accounts or a CRM. However, buying everything from one vendor doesn’t always get the best results. So, Northstar provides software integrations. As a result, you can input data in one system and make it automatically appear in another to improve efficiency.

Increase the quality of your IT with Digital Transformation

We meet companies of different ages and from every walk of life. However, older companies tend to have outdated setups, for example, old servers, old operating systems and complicated IT setups. These old IT setups can hinder your business efficiency and leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

At its core, digital transformation helps you reach your business goals. For example

  • being able to communicate with your market
  • ensuring your buying process is an efficient, joyful experience for your customers
  • creating efficiency in your operation through automation
  • creating easy management to access information and communicate decisions
  • protecting your business through compliance and security

No matter how old your IT system is or what technology you’re using, we can tailor your IT system to best help your business goals and improve usability. 

For more information regarding increasing the quality of your IT, contact Northstar today

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