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Protect your business against cyber threats with Managed Security.

The process of implementing cybersecurity in a business should be ongoing in every organisation. However, if you haven’t got a baseline to start from, it’s good to do an in-depth survey or consider managed security as an option for your business.

If you are just getting started, we can perform a security survey of your computer systems for you using our industry-leading software and knowledge. Therefore, we can find any potential vulnerabilities in your systems and produce a plan to improve your business security.

In addition, if you want to increase your cybersecurity, we offer a Managed Security service. For example, our software produces a monthly report of the security health of your computer systems. After that, we schedule a monthly online meeting to improve the security status of your business.

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What Is Included In The Managed Security Solution?

Automatic Updates

You can benefit from our automated IT updates which identifies and updates your applications and software, ensuring your devices are not vulnerable to attack.

Regular Meetings

We will arrange security meetings with you to make sure you are happy with our service.

Day-to-Day Health Monitoring

We will automatically monitor the health and security of your device for security breaches and send you regular reports.

Disaster recovery

As part of the Managed Security service, we provide a disaster recovery plan and a way for you to backup your company data should the worst happen.