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Bitdefender GravityZone business Security is constantly ranked #1 in independent security tests, providing trusted security for companies of all sizes.

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With over 500 million users, Bitdefender anti-virus software is the no.1 for security tests. Furthermore, it also provides the best protection and performance for companies of all sizes. Bitdefender combines risk management and vulnerability assessments into one package,  through a single, easy-to-use console. As a result, you will have comprehensive and efficient measurement and reports of security risks and misconfigurations.

Moreover, Bitdefender Anti-virus software uses machine learning to offer protection to all your workstations and servers, virtual and physical. Furthermore, not only is Bitdefender an anti-virus detector, but it also protects against malware, phishing, ransomware attacks, exploits and zero-days.

Also, you can grant and deny access to websites and applications through security controls for maximum protection.

What Is Included In The Bitdefender Anti-Virus Software?

Network Attack Defence

Bitdefender offers a new level of cyber protection against network vulnerability attacks. For example, it now includes protection against brute force attacks, password stealers, network exploiters and lateral movements before they even execute.

Layered Protection for your Endpoints

Bitdefender protects your desktops, laptops and servers with multiple layers of protection. For example, machine learning, memory protection, continuous monitoring, malware blocking, quarantine and rollback.

Web-based Security and easy-to-use console

With web-based security, there is no new for more hardware. For example, all the features are on the console where you can update or monitor your IT security.

Protection integrated with Endpoint Risk Management

Bitdefender effectively identifies, assesses and remediates endpoint weaknesses. As a result, this reduces the risk to your organisation and infrastructure. Furthermore, with administrative risk management, you can discern and report on risky operating system and software misconfigurations.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are essential to combat a large and sophisticated threat landscape. Conversely, unlike other vendors, Bitdefender has years of experience and has better detection with less false positives.

Largest Security Intelligence Cloud

Furthermore, with 500 million protected machines, 11 billion queries a day and machine learning, Bitdefender can easily detect threats without slowing down users.

Advanced Application Behaviour Monitoring

Lastly, the process inspector permanently monitors running processes for signs of malicious behaviour. As a result, with Bitdefender pioneering technology, you will always be one step ahead of emerging threats.