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Protect your Business with Cyber Security...

Implementing a robust cyber security strategy for your business is imperative in these times. With advances in technology, cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. However, there are ways of combating these attacks and protecting your business from infiltration.

If you want to increase your business security, we offer a Managed Security service. For example, our software produces a monthly report of the security health of your computer systems. After that, we schedule a monthly online meeting to improve the security status of your business.

We are also Bitdefender Gold Partners. As a result, this means we can offer you the industry-leading, multi-layered protection anti-virus software. We understand that your customers and employees must know you take cyber security seriously. So, that is why we can help you obtain your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essential Plus Certifications.

Find the perfect IT Security Solution...

Managed Security at Northstar IT

Managed Security

Keep track of the health of your computers and servers with automatic monthly health reports and fixes.

Making Security Simple for small businesses

Making Security Simple for Small Businesses

We are making security simple for small businesses with our choice of low-cost software and services.


Bitdefender Anti-virus Software

With Bitdefender Gravity Zone Anti-virus software you can defend your business from even the worst crypto virus.

Digitally Aware Police certification

Digitally Aware Police Certification PDSC

Protect your business against cybercrime and demonstrate your commitment to security with the Digitally Aware Police Certification.


Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications

We can help you obtain your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications.

Cyber security awareness training and phishing email simulator

Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Phishing Email Simulator

Close the security gap Between your users and your business assets with cyber security training and phishing email simulations.

Protect your business today with Cyber Security...

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