The Premium Support Package...

The Premium support package is designed to cover all aspects of IT in your business.

The Premium Support Package is for companies that operate in regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare. Or use information technology to deliver critical time-sensitive products and services such as manufacturers. Organisations of this kind follow structured change control procedures for their IT and adhere to strict security protocols. These exacting standards require a special kind of IT service contract.

Manage Risks and Take Control of Critical Systems

We tailor your Premium Support Package around regular management meetings which follow a helpful pre-defined agenda. We use the industry’s leading software to maintain stability and security and produce reports for compliance and management. This thorough analysis and documentation maintain clarity and results in better decision making.

Security at the Heart

A crucial part of the service is in-depth security control mitigating a broad spectrum of threats through a process of maintaining standards and data protection. We deploy and support a range of industry-leading software from top security vendors. This analysis and planning deal with matters from operational procedures to disaster recovery services.

Transformation for Business Success

The premium service is not just about managing risk. Our management agenda also includes program management as well as digital and IT transformation. We help you to create and follow a road map to digital transformation; the process where you create operational efficiency and deliver your products and services digitally using the latest in IT products and best practices.

In this more structured process focusing on Risk Management and Digital Transformation will help your company to achieve its goals.

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What Is Included In The Premium Support Package?

Management Meetings

The IT management meetings follow a helpful pre-defined agenda and help keep everyone informed about the IT service delivery.

Structured Procedures

We will help you create and adhere to strict IT management standards, change control and security protocols.

Transformation Agenda

Digital Transform for operational efficiency and delivering your products digitally to achieve your Business Goals.

Disaster Recovery Management

Get a tailored, documented and tested disaster recovery plan and recover fast if disaster strikes.

Managed Security

Security is a top priority for businesses. Managed Security is at the heart of the Premium Package.

All The Benefits of The Professional Package

Still benefit from all the exceptional services included in the Professional Package. Or pick and choose your prefered mix to suit your business needs.