The Automated Support Package...

Enjoy IT support and automatic fault fixes from just £3/ month today.

Harness the power of automated IT support for your business today and identify and fix thousands of IT faults instantly and automatically. Instead, our Automated support will correct security risks, fix problems and help your systems run more efficiently.

Some companies spend time manually installing updates on your computers and fixing common faults. However, by using industry-leading software and our tools, we can automate this work. Automation allows us to drive down cost without compromising excellent service. As a result, these additional security and instant fault fixes reduce disruption for your business, so you can get the best out of your IT.

The Automated Support Package includes a range of easy to understand reports showing the current Health, Performance and Security status of your systems. You will also receive emails alerting you of critical issues and fixed faults. Or you can see the reports by logging into an easy-to-use portal.

Do away with cumbersome IT support and get automated support, from just £3/ month today. Contact us to find out more.

Get IT support from just £3/ month...

Keep all your computers up to date, monitor security and performance and get thousands of faults fixed from £3/computer/month, contact us through the form today.

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What Is Included In The Automated IT Support Plan?​

Regular Reports

Get regular reports including, health, performance, security status, software lists, and others.

Patch Management

Patch management to maintain your Microsoft software for security and performance.

Application Updates

Automatically update over 200 different applications for security and performance (third party patch management).

Immediate Alerts

Get immediate alerts to warn you about the security and performance issues for everything from computer faults to problems with your website.

Automated Fixes

Benefit from 1000s of automated fixes such as fixing faulty software services.

Software Control

Gain control over your software by only allowing authorised software to install on your computer systems.