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Get a hosted telephone system that offers flexibility, reliability and mobility.

VoIP systems for Businesses

Northstar can provide you with hosted telephone systems for your business. We will configure the handsets and support for all your staff to make sure it is running smoothly. Get features like extension ring order, and if no one answers, rules like auto-attendant and voicemail. 

Benefits of Hosted Telephone Systems

1. Cost-saving

Having a hosted telephone system can save you money because they offer pay-as-you-go services with little or no upfront costs.

2. Low maintenance

With hosted telephones, there is no need for maintenance, upgrades or site-visits. You can easily manage them through an easy-to-use portal.

3. Mobility

You will never have to miss calls again because you are away from your desk. You can have one business number linked to your mobile, and you can transfer calls to mobile.

4. Enhanced features

As well as calling over the internet, you can text, send a visual voicemail, chat, log call reports and record calls. Furthermore, it is easy to add new features on the portal, unlike traditional landlines.

5. Reliability

Copper wire is quite unreliable. If there is a natural disaster, vandalism, hardware failure, electrical outages or a software issue, your phones could fail. Whereas the hosted telephone system relies on an internet connection, allowing you to access it from anywhere. If one internet connection fails, you can get your calls from another or forward them to your mobile.

6. Scalability

If you want to make a change to traditional on-premises telephones, it can take weeks to book an engineer to change your hardware. However, with a hosted system, you can make changes on demand from an easy-to-use portal. With compatible handsets, you can scale your telephony with more extensions at your office, to a new location and remote workers.

What is included in our VoIP telephone system solution?

All rentals are billed monthly, with a 12-month contract term and 30 days rolling thereafter. All costs exclude VAT.

See further details below.

  • The price per Extension can start from as little as £6.50 per month.
  • You can then purchase a bundle of minutes from as little as £12 per month shared between multiple extensions. Bundle prices include minutes for UK landline and UK mobile calls.
  • Northstar can provide you with pre-configured Yealink handsets, or you can use your compatible handsets or a softphone.
  • Northstar can Port your existing telephone number. Or if you have used a mobile phone for your business, why not get a ‘landline’ number and look even more professional.

    For more detailed pricing and helpful advice on how to make the switch, please contact us.

Hosted Telephone Engineers Bristol

We understand that keeping up communication is a vital part of your business that is why we are committed to supporting your VoIP telephone system with telephone engineers in Bristol. Our experienced and trained engineers are ready to help if a handset breaks of your wifi goes down. For more information about our telephone engineers Bristol service and telephony support, click here.

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What Is Included In Hosted Telephony Systems?

Pre-configured Handset

We will provide you with pre-configured handsets. The Yealink T23G is our most popular model.

Full Installation

We will set-up and install everything you need to get started with your hosted telephone system.

Calls on the Move

You will no longer be chained to your desk to receive calls. We can configure your mobile device to make and receive calls using a single hosted telephone number.

No more Dedicated Circuits

Do away with dedicated phone circuits and copper landlines. All you need to use a hosted telephone system is an internet connection.