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Protect your data with an online backup system.

As part of our Online Backup service, we offer protection for almost any system with online backups. For example, we can protect your Office 365, Cloud Servers, websites and online file storage. We can cover operating systems from Apple, Microsoft and Linux.

You will receive reports that show you what has been backed-up and how many copies of the data you have stored. As a result this protects you against all kinds of cyber threats. By backing up your data to our systems, you have an extra copy. This keep your data safe from any attacks that penetrate your existing systems.

Why not add additional services such as disaster recovery in the Cloud to help you to reach the highest standards in business continuity.

We craft your IT support to reflect the individuality of your business and your business goals.

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Protect your data with Veeam at Northstar

Veeam Data Protection and Online Backups

Protect your data against cyberattacks with Veeam Backup, data replication and disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery plan from Northstar

Disaster Recovery Plan

Protect your data in the event of a disaster with a disaster recovery plan.

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