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Get Support for Your Hosted Phone System To Ensure You Always Have Someone Ready To Assist Your Staff When They Need it.

Low Maintenance

The great thing about hosted telephone systems and VoIP is that they require very little maintenance. There is no need for you to do software maintenance or upgrades because that is all supported. However, you might want to make sure that the internet connection is supported and that there is always someone ready to assist your staff when using the system. Also that you can get help if your softphone or telephone handset isn’t working. That’s why we offer all our hosted telephone system customers a support package so that you can speak to our friendly and helpful staff whenever you need to.


With traditional phone lines, you may have to pay a for changes like adding voicemail or call forwarding. For new extensions, you could even need new telephone lines, which could take weeks. However, with hosted phones changes are easy through an easy-to-use portal. For example, if you wanted to add a phone number or include another site office within your system, this would take minutes not weeks.

Enhanced features

Hosted telephone systems allow you to add, take-away or try-out new features to see if they suit your business. For example, text, visual voicemail, chat, auto-attendant, call log report, phone call recording and team collaboration tools. All the features are scalable to your needs.

Telephony Support

Starting at £10/month for up to 5 extensions we can support:

  • Network diagnostics and configuration advice to make sure that the handsets can connect to the internet.
  • Diagnostics to check the handsets for faults.
  • The handsets come with a limited hardware warranty. Northstar can offer a longer-time warranty and replace them if they fail. We even help you by preconfiguring the replacement if this happens.
  • If you have a problem with the hosted system, we will help you to get it resolved.

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What Is Included In The Telephony Support Solution?

Network Support

We will make sure you are always connected to the internet so that you can continue making calls on your hosted telephone system.

Handset Faults

If any faults occur with the handsets we will help fix them or replace them if they need replacing.

Enhanced Features

We will help scale your features to perfectly fit your business needs.


For £20/ month you can call our helpdesk and we will help your staff with any fault or problem that occurs with the hosted telephone system. We are here to support and help your staff get the most out of the system.