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We can supply all your IT equipment needs from computers and laptops to servers and switches.

At Northstar, we can help procure and purchase IT equipment for businesses. Finding the best IT equipment for your business can be difficult and time-consuming. Our IT equipment purchasing team makes it easy to get the best IT hardware and software products for your business at the best price. Our qualified and experienced specialists offer expert advice on the best IT equipment for your business.

We work with suppliers like HP, Microsoft, Cisco and others to get the best possible discounts for your business. As a result, we can help find the products that boost your efficiency, security and access.

Purchasing IT equipment is not just about getting the best equipment. It is also about ensuring the equipment will work with what you already have. Northstar can check compatibility before you buy and guarantee your technologies will work together.

Also, purchasing equipment is always about producing an outcome for the business. At Northstar, you can communicate your business goals to us, and we can specify the IT software and equipment to achieve it, taking the stress out of larger purchases.

All that coupled with a simple installation of equipment on desks to complex storage and network setups, you can rely on us to help with any project you are planning.

We supply IT equipment for businesses in Bristol...

Get the best prices for computers, laptops, switches and servers to help you reach your business goals.

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What IT Equipment Can I Purchase From Northstar?

Computers and Laptops

We can procure and supply any computers or laptops that you need to improve your business operations.


Get the best monitors for your business. We can procure any size and spec that suits you, making it easier to do your work.

Computer Accessories

All computers need computer accessories. For example, keyboards, mice, graphics cards, RAM and more.


If you need a server to store your business data or run a business application we can provide you with them. We also provide accessories like cabinets and racks for servers.

Networking Kit

Whatever IT equipment you need for your business we can provide it. For example, UPS, WAP, Router, Switches and Cables.


If you need security equipment we can replace and install your entire CCTV system.


We can provide you with a business printer to complete all your office printing needs. We can also provide you with printer accessories like paper, ink and paper trays.