Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Phishing Email Simulator...

Close the security gap between your users and your business assets against phishing attacks.

How to engage your employees in cybersecurity training

Your employees are the weak link in your IT security. For example, you can have all the correct cybersecurity measures in place, but with the increase in the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks, your employees become the low hanging targets. Unfortunately, IT security managers and business owners often find it difficult to engage their employees in cybersecurity awareness training.

Luckily, KnowBe4 has the world’s most extensive cybersecurity training content library, including interactive modules, games, videos, posters and newsletters. Furthermore, the phishing simulator emails test your user’s ability to notice a phishing email without tedious training. Also, users can compete against their colleagues for the best marks in their assessments and phishing simulator emails. 

How to measure progress in cybersecurity awareness

One downfall of traditional training is that you can’t measure progress or success until it’s too late. However, with the KnowBe4 dashboards you can see your company, team and individual progress in their training and phishing email simulator scores. Over time, you will see a gradual improvement in your scores and, therefore, an improvement in cybersecurity awareness.

Educate your employees on cybersecurity and phishing emails...

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What KnowBe4 Includes In the Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Phishing Email Simulator?

World's Largest Library of Cybersecurity Awareness Training Content

KnowBe4 provide the world's most extensive cybersecurity awareness training content to help educate your employees. Access interactive training modules, video, mobile-first modules, games, newsletters and posters to keep your employees engaged.

1000s Phishing Email Templates and Landing Pages

Access 1000s of phishing email templates or customise your own to test your employees and find their phish risk. Mimic real-world attacks and turn them into safe phishing tests. Use the customisable landing pages to highlight red flags that they missed or use them as part of the phishing scams.


Test your employees on the knowledge gained from their training and phishing email simulations. As a result, you can find out where you are failing in security knowledge with the Security Awareness Proficiency Assessment. Also, measure the sentiment towards security with the Security Culture Survey and determine the psychology and social aspects that influence behaviour.

Automation and Machine Learning

KnowBe4 uses machine learning to recommend educational content for users who score lower. Furthermore, you can automate training alerts to remind your employees to take their training and assessments. Also, send tailored training to Smart Groups depending on their needs.

Phish Alert Button

The Phish Alert button provides an easy way for your employees to flag suspicious emails and send them to your security team or us. You can use the add-on button in Gmail or Outlook. Furthermore, if you press it for a simulated phishing test, you get notified that this was the correct action, and it records your answer.

Success Reporting

Lastly, compile all your data from the phishing email test and assessment results and see your progress over time. Furthermore, you can also compare your risk percentage against industry benchmarks.