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Co-Location Server Hosting allows you to move your servers from your office into a secure and well connected UK data centre. We include everything you need to begin your server migration. To help you to start thinking about getting started with co-location Servers, see our low cost, 1U example, to the right.

For a limited time only, we are offering free hardware installation of your equipment conducted by our expert engineers. Avoid travelling a long distance, outsourcing hardware installation or using up your valuable engineers. Use us to install the server hardware in the rack and connect it and save time and money.

If you purchase a server from a vendor such as HP Enterprise, we will accept equipment directly, install disks, RAM, CPU and connect iLo, data networks and SAN to get your project underway as quickly as possible. We can receive servers from companies in the UK and internationally.

To help your business use co-location, please contact us through the form below, we will tailor the perfect package to fit your requirements. Once you have chosen your hosting and server, you can make additions such as online backup, patch management and a range of security services including anti-malware and patch management. Plus, to increase your peace of mind, you can apply any of our support packages to our hosted services.

For more detailed specifications about the data centre and security, please use our contact form.

Co-location Server Hosting

Move your server to a hyper-connected UK data centre

£ 104 +VAT
  • Starting from 1U
  • 10Mbps Access connectivity (higher bandwidth options available)
  • 90 Day rolling contract
  • 1KW power per quarter
  • Additional bandwidth available

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