Microsoft 365 for Business...

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud that brings together all the Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.

Improve your business productivity

Microsoft 365, formerly known at Office 365, will enable your employees to connect and collaborate through all the classic office apps. Connect through outlook and Exchange, chat through Microsoft Teams and store files in the cloud on OneDrive.

Digitise your processes 

Do away with paperwork, transform how you do business and simplify how you work with tools that streamline processes. When you go digital, you can replace manual and repetitive paper tasks with digital versions and automate processes.

Protect your data

Safeguard your data and employee and customer information with enterprise-grade security. Protect your data from cyber threats, viruses, malware, phishing attempts, ransomware and spam. Furthermore, keep your data safe from cybercriminals, unauthorised access and accidental deletion. Also, protect your device, even when employees use personal devices. 

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What Is Included In The Microsoft 365 Solution from Northstar?

Automatic Updates

You can benefit from our automated IT updates which identify and update your apps, ensuring your devices are not vulnerable to cyberattack.


We will manage the whole project of migrating you to a cloud-based service, from the installation to ongoing support afterwards.

Managing User Accounts

We will create and manage all of your user accounts, including the addition and removal of users and passwords.


As part of this service, we will back up all your data on Microsoft 365 so that, if the worst should happen, your data will be safe.

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Microsoft Teams for Business

Microsoft Teams

Stay connected and organised through secure file sharing and video conferencing on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft SHarePoint for Business

Microsoft SharePoint

Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across your organisation.