Microsoft SharePoint for Business...

Securely Collaborate across your organisation on Microsoft SharePoint mobile intelligent Intranet.

Microsoft SharePoint will empower your employees to share, manage and collaborate on files across the organisation on a mobile, intelligent intranet.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Increase productivity in your project teams, departments and divisions by empowering them with dynamic team sites. With SharePoint, you can share files, news, data and resources with members inside or outside your organisation. Furthermore, you can customise your site to streamline your team’s work. Lastly, collaborate effortlessly and securely over PCs, Macs and Mobile devices.

Engage and Inform the members of your organisation

Drive organisational efficiency by sharing common resources and application. Help build cohesion in the workplace by keeping everyone in the know with personalised, targeted news. 

Harness collective knowledge for greater efficiency

With SharePoint, you’re just a click away from what you’re looking for with its in-built, powerful search. Give your employees intelligent ways to discover information and expertise. So they can make informed decisions and guided actions. This rich document management system is a valuable way of maximising the velocity of knowledge.

Transform your business processes

Accelerate your productivity by transforming your business processes, for example, from simple tasks like notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows. With SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, you can create a rich digital experience with forms, workflows and custom apps for every device.

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Automate your business process for your team with SharePoint...

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What Is Included In The SharePoint Solution from Northstar?

Automate Business Processes

We will use SharePoint to help automate your business processes to increase efficiency in your workforce.


We can help you migrate all your files and applications on to Microsoft SharePoint. Furthermore, we will help you implement it across your organisation.

Managing User Accounts

We will create and manage all of your user accounts, including the addition and removal of users and passwords.


We will help train your employees on how to use SharePoint so that it can benefit them and your business.

SharePoint Backup

As part of this service, we will back up all your data on SharePoint so that, if the worst should happen, your data will be safe.