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Leading IT customer service in Bristol

For leading IT customer service in Bristol, contact Northstar. We provide professional, prompt, efficient and complete IT resolutions.

Good customer service is the backbone of our IT support here at Northstar. Frequently our customers say that our exceptional customer service compelled them to remain so loyal to us. Read our testimonials here.  Here are the four ways we ensure that our customers receive our leading IT customer service. 

1. Friendly, helpful, responsive customer service

We pride ourselves on our responsive, leading IT customer service. We are always happy to answer the phone or your emails and help you with your IT issues. Furthermore, we guarantee that we will never leave you waiting on hold or listening to annoying hold music. There will always be someone available during regular working hours to answer the phone. Then, you will immediately get through to an IT care assistant. 

Our staff strive at all times to provide you with the best possible customer service. We take pride in treating every person with kindness and dignity, never being condescending and always being friendly and helpful. Furthermore, we aim to ensure that every person that contacts us receives a professional and complete resolution of any fault. We do not consider a matter resolved until you say it is to your satisfaction.

How fast can I get help?

We are available to record your call during our standard working hours. Our standard working hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Please see our target response time limits below. However, we always attempt to assist you as soon as possible or when convenient. Our team will work with you to decide which of the following priorities best fits your incident. 

  • Priority 1 – Engineer to assess and respond within one working hour, attempt to resolve in one working hour (ASAP). We provide hourly updates, and our technical team review the incident every four working hours.
  • Priority 2 – Engineer to assess and respond within four working hours. Attempt to resolve within four working hours, team check at eight working hours.
  • Priority 3 – Engineer to assess and respond within eight working hours. Attempts to resolve within eight working hours, team check at eight working hours.
  • Priority 4 – Engineer to assess and respond within eight working hours. Attempts to resolve within sixteen working hours, team check at twenty working hours.  

2. Build staff trust

We make a significant effort to get to know our customers and your staff. So, that when they call us with IT-related issues, they can expect a friendly and familiar voice. 

Furthermore, we continually improve our quality management procedures through our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. So, you know you are in safe hands. 

3. Get more from IT with regular meetings

Unlike other IT companies, we don’t just wait for your systems to fail and fix the problem. We like to work with you to create a resilient and reliable system that is much less likely to fail. 

That’s why we created the Virtual IT Director meeting program (VITD). We meet with you once a month or whenever suits you regularly. Then we discuss security, your IT systems and if there is anything we can do to make your IT better. These meetings have become invaluable to our customers. They feel they have a trusted partner guiding them in the right direction towards their business goals. 

4. How to get the most out of Northstar

Northstar wants to help new customers receive the same service excellence that our long-term customers enjoy. We expect to resolve your requests quickly and efficiently. To help us resolve faults efficiently, we need to know some information from you.   

Here is how you can contact us to get the most out of Northstar.

What do I have to do to get help?

For assistance, please email our helpdesk at helpdesk@northstarltd.co.uk. We record your support request and make an initial assessment of the urgency. For urgent requests, we recommend that you also telephone us on 01275406691, so we can respond as quickly as possible. If a fault causes imminent financial loss to your company, please let us know immediately. We will treat your request with the utmost urgency and attempt to begin helping you imminently. 

We often need to ask for information that helps our engineers identify the exact cause and fix the problem more quickly. Before telephoning us, you can undertake some tasks to help diagnose the problem.

  • Make a note of what you were doing when the fault occurred and any error messages that may appear.
  • If it’s happened before, make a note of each time it happened.
  • Ask your colleagues if any of them are experiencing the same issue.
  • Restart the computer and see if the fault reoccurs. 

Will I get charged?

Staff from the companies we support sometimes worry that we charge if they ask for help. We do not charge to fix any fault with equipment and software covered by a contract. If anything deviates from normal operations, we will return it to normal, for free, under the terms of our agreement. We do not make any charges without pre-authorising the cost beforehand. We hope that focusing on these will ensure that Northstar will deliver the most significant outcomes to the organisation.  

What if there isn’t a problem, but I want to change something?

Sometimes our customers want to add a new capability. For example, adding a new PC, setting up new staff or changing the security. For this, we will request information from you about what you aim to achieve. We term this a “Business Goal” for that change. Once we have established the business goals, we will produce a ‘Method’ (if it’s a small change) or a ‘Design’ if it’s a more complex change. We then provide you with an estimate of the cost.

Our Rules are: 

  1. Any change that we estimate will take less than 30 minutes is included in your contract at no extra charge, depending on your contract terms. 
  2. We will never charge you for anything that we have not pre-agreed with you.
  3. We will never charge you for anything that didn’t meet the pre-agreed Business Goals.
  4. Changes must reflect the balance between your business goals and your budgets. 

Often faults are caused by software supplied by other companies. We often need information or assistance from those companies to resolve defects. They hold the information about their software or hardware product that they do not always share with the public. You can log the ticket with Northstar and the supplier, and we will try and help resolve the issue.

Get leading IT customer service in Bristol today

For leading IT customer service, contact Northstar today

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