Improve your cybersecurity

Improve your Cybersecurity against the ever-increasing threat

The frequency, sophistication, and potency of attacks have increased. We can help improve your cybersecurity with easy management and good visibility.

Last year the frequency, sophistication, and potency of attacks against even the smallest companies increased significantly. Hackers have always stolen data for ransom, but increasingly, they are using the data to mount continual attacks against company reputation and ability to trade. Cyber attacks are so toxic now that prevention must be a high priority, and every company should look to improve their cybersecurity. Here at Northstar, we aim to make cybersecurity easy to manage and give you good visibility so you can continually improve your cybersecurity.

Easy to manage cyber security

With Northstar, we can guide you through improving your cybersecurity and recommend actions to ensure we are continually improving your cybersecurity. We provide this through a gap analysis of the current status of your IT security.

Only continual assessment and analysis keep things safe as things can get missed in the details. However, companies sometimes avoid assessing security because they are frightened of the price to fix it. Our prices are modular to implement each measure individually to fit with your budgets. 

Assessments do not need to take a long time either. However, they should be regular. Regular security assessments provide you with documented improvements to report to the management team at the end of each year about what has improved over the year.

Furthermore, we provide software to monitor and manage your computers and systems to ensure you have no threats. If there is a threat, the software alerts us, and we can take action accordingly. 

All this creates a system that continually fortifies your defences by applying one layer of security after another. 

Good visibility for your cybersecurity 

Through our software, you can gain total visibility on the health of your systems.

Furthermore, we ensure that you have good visibility of your cybersecurity through our monthly Virtual IT Director Meetings. In these meetings, we discuss the parts of the cybersecurity strategy going well and what needs improving. Together, we make a plan to improve your cybersecurity. 

Often companies are flying blind when it comes to cybersecurity. Our customers find these meetings invaluable for their cybersecurity because we put them back in control with good visibility of their systems. As a result, they can make cybersecurity decisions based on data gathered to improve the health of their systems. 

Furthermore, not every IT company provides this service as part of an IT support contract. Most wait until there is a problem or breach to then help fix the problem. However, we work with you to create a robust security strategy so that security problems do not occur in the first place. 

For more information about how to improve your cybersecurity, contact Northstar today

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