Global IT outsourcing Industry news 2018

Global IT Outsourcing Industry News for 2018

Read about the global IT outsourcing trends of 2018. Make sure your business stays ahead of the curve with expert IT advice for your business.

The outsourcing industry is forever growing. 2018 will see more growth both nationally as well as on a global scale. It is crucial to keep up with global IT outsourcing trends because 31% of companies are outsourcing since the end of 2017. And this figure will only continue to grow.

Global IT Outsourcing: Revolutionising Our Industries

Almost all sectors and industry are increasingly outsourcing their IT services. As a result, they are getting access to expert advice and technology. For example, IT that increases your business efficiency or speeds up growth. Outsourcing can help you stay competitive against your competitors.

Global IT Outsourcing: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will continue to grow this year. Demand will increase. We can see big giants in IT, like IBM and Amazon, getting more competition from other service providers. The Cloud will be used more widely, with hybrid cloud servers increasing in popularity.

Global IT Outsourcing: Cybersecurity

As with every New Year, cybersecurity is a hot topic. Even the tiniest breaches of data could result in massive losses to firms. When discussing security, automation and robotics are closely related. Replacing human beings with computer programmes will continue to increase in popularity. As a result, this will heighten security for those who choose to do so.

Global IT Outsourcing: Freelance and AI

This year we also expect to see an increase in freelance and independent outsourcing. Freelancers can offer packages at very competitive rates, and deals will be attractive to smaller companies and startups.

This year the predictions for outsourcing traditional call centres are on the downfall. Intelligent assistants and chatbots will start to become more prevalent. As much as you may hate talking to a bot and crave a human conversation, AI assistants are the future for companies.

Virtual Employment

With outsourcing growing on a global scale, this year will see yet another rise in virtual employment. Although AI is becoming prevalent, humans will remain the core of all IT companies. Consequently, this is good news for anyone setting up in the IT outsourcing industry or hoping to expand their existing business.

Global IT outsourcing trends show what we expect to happen on a worldwide scale. The most sensible decision you can make is to outsource your IT to a company in the UK.

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