Northstar is offering ConnectWise remote support

ConnectWise: Remote Support Anytime, Anywhere

We always aim to choose the best software to achieve the best service and this year is no exception as we again continue to invest in the industry’s leading software for IT Support and Security Management: ConnectWise.

What’s New at Northstar?

The IT industry has been advancing rapidly in recent years. For instance, a large number of businesses have now chosen to adopt Cloud Computing over traditional IT methods. As a result, IT services must develop as well and become more efficient to accommodate their needs. Historically, Northstar has always chosen the best possible software to achieve the best possible service. Therefore, this year is no exception. We again continue to invest in industry-leading software for IT Support and Security Management: ConnectWise.

ConnectWise has transformed the way service providers assist customers. For example, smaller issues are automatically solved before they become an issue. As a result, this reduces the number of times staff need to log a ticket. Furthermore, ConnectWise securely enables us to troubleshoot problems and take action quickly and effectively. With the click of a button, we can remotely control devices and solve technical issues faster than ever before.

Get automatic IT support with ConnectWise and Northstar

How can we help you reach your business goals with the help of ConnectWise Remote Support?

By providing faster access to information, ConnectWise securely enables us to troubleshoot problems and take action quickly and effectively.

Having IT support is central to business performance. For example, technology keeps workforces engaged, improves communications and allows for effective collaboration. Furthermore, it reduces work-place stress through the ability to access information quickly. Everyone knows how much IT problems can hinder business performance and how important it is that problems are solved efficiently.

ConnectWise allows us to monitor the speed, health and security of every system in real-time. Through this, we can automatically prevent many problems before they affect your staff. Furthermore, in the event of a complicated fault, we can connect to your device and fix everything quickly so you can get straight back to your everyday tasks. Consequently, we can provide reports to managers allowing them to see when systems are struggling and target investment where it’s most needed.

Get up-to-date reports on the health of your computer systems with ConnectWise

How have we already helped customers using ConnectWise?

A common problem our customers face is running out of disk space. Computers quickly fill up with unwanted junk, for example, automatically-generated software logs and other unused information. However, ConnectWise searches for this unwanted data and automatically reduces the storage it uses. As a result, we have been able to effectively prevent clients computer’s from slowing down or stopping altogether.

But doesn’t IT support cost a lot?

In a partnership with Northstar, you can be sure you are in safe hands, without having to break the bank. Starting at £3+VAT per computer per month, we can provide the following services:

  • Automated software updates that are critical to protecting your computers from security attacks.
  • Automatic fault fixes.
  • A weekly or monthly reports, showing the health, performance and the security status of your computer.
  • Discounted access to a host of other services.
So, why not contact us today and find out how we can help you with your day-to-day IT support.

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