Automated incident management

Incident Management Made Simple

Incident management can be overwhelming, it's as much about maintaining as it is about fixing IT systems. Try our Automated IT support software that can make incident management simple and drive down costs.

Simplifying the basics

It is easy to waste a lot of time on incident management when it comes to your IT, and as a result, companies neglect it, fixing problems as they come in. However, this is a big problem because maintaining your systems, including software updates, is critical to prevent security breaches.

Incident management includes fixing common issues such as running out of disk space and your IT services failing due to a growing number of endpoints like laptops, tablets and mobile phones. But, it also means maintaining your systems to prevent your IT system from breaking in the future. With the amount of IT maintenance needed to prevent things from going wrong and harming your business, incident management can increasingly become overwhelming and unmanageable.

Automation for Incident Management

Luckily, we can make incident management simple by applying automation. Our automation software spots failed services. It then restarts them several times, then logs a ticket to say the fault is regular and needs further attention. Furthermore, the software cleans up your disk space and flags it up if you have 10% storage space left. 

Best of all, the automated monitoring software keeps all your Microsoft software up to date. It knows when PCs are off at night, so if it can’t conduct the updates in its usual maintenance window, it will move and schedule it during the working day. Also, it prompts restarts, enforcing them if time runs out. Again, if all else fails, it notifies you for further attention. 

Furthermore, it produces comprehensive reports to show the health of your system. Performance reports show if laptops, PCs and servers are healthy. As a result, this provides you with information on upgrades and life cycle management. In turn, this increases system efficiency for staff. 

Lastly, the software looks after over 200 new 3rd party applications from Java to zip-7 and keeps them up to date.

All this increases stability and performance. It makes sure everything is working at its best. It also ensures that a crucial pillar is in place for protecting your business from cyber-attacks.

Drive Down Costs of Incident


One of the primary benefits of using automation for incident management is that it drives down costs. Any human labour you were paying for to conduct incident management is now unnecessary. Our automation, incident management service is only £3/ month/ computer to work automatically behind the scenes so you can focus on the things that matter to you. 

For more information about our incident management software, contact us today. Or read more about our Automated IT Support Package here

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