SIEM: Why you need a log management system

SIEM tools enable you to view your network security levels by collecting log and event data from various IT systems to detect cyber threats.

What are SIEM tools?

SIEM or Security Information and Event Management tools enable you to view your network security levels by collecting log and event data from various security, network, server, application and database sources. Then, the SIEM analyses the data in real-time to find any potential security issues. 

How does SIEM work?

SIEM work by collecting log and event data from applications, devices, networks, infrastructure and IT systems and analyses them in real-time. Then it sorts through the threat activity according to its risk level to help security teams identify malicious actors and cyberattacks. The software then notifies the security teams of any threats through automated alerts. 

Why is it important to have a log management system?

Every device within a network creates a list of every action that happens within a network. These lists of activities are called logs. A central log management system allows you to see all your IT functions in one place, giving you more visibility and monitoring them more efficiently. If you have a log management system in place, you can search through the data and find any abnormalities within the IT system that might cause problems. 

What is the difference between log management and SIEM?

Both SIEM and log management allow you to monitor your security posture with log files and detect and respond to Indicators of Compromise (IoC). However, SIEM combines these event logs with contextual information about users, assets, threats and vulnerabilities and compares them with algorithms, rules and statistics. Whereas log management provides no analysis of the log data. So, the security analyst must interpret the data and determine whether or not there is a threat. 

What threats can SIEM detect?

SIEM can detect unauthorised access, insider attacks, malware infection, denial of service attacks, hijacking, advanced persistent threats, web application attacks and phishing. 

What are the best events to monitor with SIEM?

It is crucial that you know what is happening within all the critical components in your network. For example, your firewall, servers, active directory server, critical applications, database servers, IDS, antivirus webserver and the crucial infrastructure you need to run your business.

What are the key benefits of using SIEM?

  1. Improved security. Without monitoring your network, you could be unaware of a potential infiltration. 
  2. More efficient security operations. Using a too that has all the data and information helps your security operations become more efficient.
  3. Accurate threat detection. SIEM is an industry-leading tool to help with threat detection and helps protect your business from cyber threats. 
  4. Better network visibility. Having a clear view of what is going on in your network helps you make informed decisions about your security.
  5. Improved compliance. Demonstrate to your employees, clients and shareholders that you are improving your security processes and are serious about security. 
  6. Prevent potential security risks and reduce the impact of security breaches. Protect your business against cyber threats.
  7. Save money. As you’re not suffering from inevitable cyber breaches and loss of business, you will save money in the long run.
  8. Better reporting, log collection, analysis and retention. SEIM will help you organise all your log data.

SIEM tools for log management?

There is a broad range of tools for SIEM. At Northstar, we help you select the right software and services based on the kind of logs you are analysing. We also help you choose which Security Operations Center so it can work closely with on-site IT or existing outsourced services. Northstar often combines security tools and delivers a managed service to clients. As a result, we can provide hardening, ease of use and reporting for you so you can effectively manage the risks to your business and compliance requirements efficiently. Contact Northstar for more information today.

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