Paperless document management

Paperless Document Management: How to Create a Workflow

Find out how paperless document management can make your business more competitive and efficient.

Using paper, pens, filing cabinets, and fax machines have quickly become things of the past. To stay competitive today, companies utilise workflows, digital signatures, paperless document management and Cloud systems to store and share files and documents.

Workflows are a crucial component of information efficiency and paperless document management.

Paperless document management and workflows to increase business efficiency

How to create a workflow?

Creating a workflow can be difficult. If it is too simple, there is no point using it, too complicated, and it is impossible to get right. Furthermore, workflows require adaptations as systems and your business changes. The key is to start with a diagram. Get your whiteboard pen or use Microsoft Visio and write the overall process you are creating.

Firstly, it is crucial to limit the number of steps. Begin by defining the start and endpoints. You can then work out the stages and information you need to move the process from that beginning to the outcome.

Next, you need to understand all of the inputs and outputs and who has that information. If the information is already available in a document management system, you could automate that step.

You can gain more efficiency if you spot other workflows as you go along. For example, if you need a packing slip for your workflow, it may require another workflow to get that from goods in.

Digital signatures

On another note, if your workflow involves external parties such as a customer order, consider using a digital signature. Digital signatures can save a lot of time getting physical paperwork to a customer for signing. For example, Dropbox’s new feature, HelloSign.

For more information about how you can increase your business efficiency and competitiveness through paperless document management and workflows, then contact Northstar today.

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