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Document Management Systems: What is DMS?

What is DMS? Can I get a low-cost document management system for my small business that is easy to use? Find out here.

Small business owners often think that Document management systems can be complex and expensive. However, the difference depends on the complexity of your business systems. This means there are low-cost and easy-to-use solutions for small businesses as well.

So what makes up the components of an effective document management system?

What are document management systems?

Document management systems are software or applications that store, track, manage and control documents. They create a central place where everyone you give access to can access the documents and information they need, wherever they are. Furthermore, they keep track of modification records, and you can set security permissions for particular files. Document management systems aren’t just places to store files. You can create sophisticated workflows to enhance efficiency in your business. 

In its essence, access to documents is access to information. As a result, being able to access the information you need is vital for efficiency. For example, a salesperson will want to know when to contact a prospect and what was said to them last. Moreover, a financial director might want to know what sort of size is the prospect and whether they have a good credit rating. As a result of having a document management system, all this information can be found in one place.

Systems such as CRMs store documents, for example, records, leads, customers or service tickets. However, your company may require something simpler.

Document management systems for small businesses

Larger organisations need integrated document management such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce. However, these require a great deal of planning and maintenance to make them work. Smaller customers often want documents relating to customers, projects or sales in folders. Luckily, there are low-cost solutions and easier ways to manage information.

Document management that is good for sales

Microsoft Projects, Planner and Teams

Project management documents are required to make decisions or complete the work in that phase. Also, you can store information for compliance. Systems such as Microsoft Project provide storage for this information and is very widely used to manage efficient projects. However, this can be too complicated for small businesses. Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams can provide an excellent solution for small teams to manage documents.

Microsoft SharePoint

If you want to share information with your staff and have little need for amendments, then an intranet can be very useful. Microsoft SharePoint is an excellent intranet solution. Many organisations use it for sharing employment information with staff, as well as health and safety documents.

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