HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign

HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign: Why HelloSign Wins

Which eSignature solution is the best? HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign. Read our guide and find out why HelloSign wins.

Companies are switching from other eSignature providers to HelloSign, and we wanted to find out why. Here is a comparison for HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign. We compare the ease of use, leadership, customer support, value for money and integrations.

HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign: Ease of Use

HelloSign dedicates itself to creating an intuitive and easy-to-use eSignature solution without compromising on functionality.

  • It is easy to adopt, use, train people to use, maintain and configure.
  • The intuitive user experience will help speed up your workflow and ease implementation.
  • HelloSign outranked all legacy eSigniture players in the Ease of Use and Ease of administration categories on the G2 Crowd *.
  • The responsive and slender design makes it easier for signers to go through documents on any device.
  • Customers ranked HelloSign the fastest and easiest to implement in the G2 Crowd survey*.

By comparing HelloSign, DocuSign and AdobeSign, you can see other vendors have hundreds of bells and whistles that create unnecessary clutter and confuses signers. As a result, their interfaces are bulky and unintuitive. Furthermore, DocuSign and AdobeSign have a feature overload where eSignatures is not their core focus.

“We like the ease of use for the employees and the customers. The service is very straightforward and easy to understand. The business account gives us the ability to set our documents up as templates which really takes the guesswork out of it for the employees who are interacting with the customers.” – Jenna Metheny, Customer Service Area Manager, Kamps Propane.

HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign: Which is the market leader?

Millions trust HelloSign around the world and recognise it as an eSignature leader.

  • It is recognised as an eSignature leader by The Argon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management 2020
  • HelloSign was top-ranked by G2 Crowd* for Enterprise Scalability and API Ease-of-use.
  • As a sister company to Dropbox, HelloSign also benefits from the Dropbox security compliant certifications like ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR, eIDAS, and more.

The G2 Crowd* are a body of independent users who review world-leading business software platforms. They compared HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign and found that HelloSign ranked in front of both in the most crucial categories.

“We chose HelloSign because our customers rely on a trusted authority to provide top of the market information security and visibility into the eSignature process.” – Rebecca Kacaba, CEO and Cofounder, Dealmaker.

HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign

Customer support

At HelloSign, you get support from real live humans, not bots, at no additional cost. Moreover, we understand that eSignatures power critical elements of your business. As a result, that is why HelloSign has an in-house support team that quickly and accurately respond to your questions. 

  • Get award-winning technical and customer support at no extra cost.
  • Receive regular updates on best practices, performance tuning and product releases.
  • Dedicated customer support from humans and no bots!

Vendors like DocuSign and AdobeSign only offer support from humans at an additional cost or a premium cost. Consequently, this can cost an extra 10-20% per year on top of what you already are paying.

“With HelloSign, I immediately felt there was an understanding of what our goals were. When we engaged HelloSign Support with questions, we got feedback within an hour, and it was always aligned with what we were trying to do.” – Joe Timmer, Lead Developer, AdvicePay.

Value for money

The pricing for HelloSign is transparent and honest compared to other eSignature vendors.

  • HelloSign values transparency.
  • The pricing is competitive, with no price hikes at the renewal date, no hidden additional fees.
  • The web app platform allows for UNLIMITED signature requests.
  • HelloSign has the fasted ROI; 2x faster than most legacy eSignature competitors, according to G2 Crowd*

Vendors like DocuSign and AdobeSign push customers into multi-year contracts, and the price rises year on year. Furthermore, you will have to pay per envelope or signature. Lastly, they make it incredibly hard to transfer your signed documents to another eSignature solution making it harder to leave.

“When their eSignature provider hiked their rates more than 400%, pharmacy platform Trxade switched to HelloSign in days. My biggest liking about HelloSign was just the ease. We used some of your advanced functionality right off the bat, and it was really quick to implement, and that was really nice.” – Jeff Davis, CTO, Trxade.

G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business software review platform. Its independent users have reviewed our eSignature software along with our two closest competitors. This is what they had to say:

See how HelloSign stacks up to our closest competitors

Which eSignature Solution has the best integrations?

eSignatures should integrate seamlessly with the technology that you already use. For example, HelloSign embeds the eSignature functionality into the apps you use every day, so you never have to switch between applications. Furthermore, easily integrate HelloSign with Dropbox, Salesforce, Google and Microsoft.

  • Pull files from your cloud storage accounts into HelloSign or send a signature directly from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google, Salesforce and more.
  • Sign a document within Gmail because HelloSign works seamlessly with Google Apps.
  • Keep up to date with your eSignature updates in Slack, Hubspot and more.

Conversely, other eSignature providers make customers switch between applications to prepare documents for signature. Furthermore, nor do they offer embedded solutions in Dropbox or Salesforce.

“We were manually using DocuSign for eSignatures, but template creation takes you out of Salesforce to DocuSign. com. HelloSign integrated easier into our technology stack. It’s ‘mobile-first,’ enabling our property managers and service providers to sign contracts and addendums on their phones 24×7. We found it to be a better fit.” – Everett Lynn, CEO, Amenify.

For more information about HelloSign vs DocuSign vs AdobeSign, contact Northstar today. Or, for more information about how HelloSign can help you reach your business goals, click here.

Source: *G2 Crowd User Reviews, 2020 Fall ReportsIt

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