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Hello from Northstar Limited!

Hello from Northstar Limited! After 16 years of trading we have re-branded to better reflect the values and mission of our business.

The Northstar Limited re-brand 

After over 16 years of trading, Competent Solutions Limited has become Northstar Limited. We are re-branding to more closely reflect the values and mission of our business.

Competent Solutions has become a specialist at interpreting the business goals of organisations. We design IT infrastructure and services that help organisations to reach their goals.

What inspired the name Northstar?

The name Northstar is inspired by the North Star (or Pole Star). The Northern Star remains stationary in the night sky when all the other stars move. It allowed sailors of yesteryear to navigate to their destination.

In the ever-changing landscape of IT, organisations need a partner who can help lay the foundation of a well-structured IT infrastructure. As well as guide them to reach their destination.

The Northern Star also speaks of the spirit of exploration, determination, team and aspiration. Similarly, we will work with your organisation to provide a better service to your customers. We will help you strive to be the best in their industry as we strive to be in ours with the power of IT.

Therefore, we would like to welcome you to partner with Northstar and Reach Your Destination. Contact us today and find out how you can reach your destination and achieve your business goals with Northstar.

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