Document management outsourcing

Document Outsourcing: How can we help you manage your documents

Find the perfect document storage solution with our document outsourcing service. We can migrate, manage and secure your files.

There are lots of options available for storing and organising your company documents. For example, you can use servers in a central location or host them in the cloud. Here at Northstar, we can supply, manage and monitor the perfect document storage solution for your business.

Document management outsourcing file migration and maintenance

Document Storage: Supply and migration

To find the best document storage solution for your business, read our blog here. We will work with you to find the best solution that suits your business needs. For example, if you want to access documents easily, a central Cloud solution is the best option. Flexible monthly payments for Cloud storage can also help with budgeting by only paying for the storage that you use. Alternatively, If you need to get super-fast access to large files, an on-site server could be the best fit.

If you need to have your files migrated to another document storage method, we can help. We can handle the entire migration project from design to training and implementation. This process ensures that you get a solution that is right for your business.

File sharing with document management outsourcing

Managing performance

As part of our document outsourcing service, we ensure that your employees and customers get the experience they need. For example, ensuring they can to access documents from anywhere. As a result, this will increase your business efficiency.

We will ensure that the performance of your storage is working the way it needs to. For example, if you opt for an in-house server, we can manage the hardware to make sure nothing breaks unexpectedly. As a result, you can work in peace of mind that your documents are safe.

Alternatively, if you need a dedicated server, we can supply and host your server in our datacentre space, or provide an Azure server. We also offer shared storage which can be very cost-effective.

Security for document management outsourcing

Monitoring security

Making sure your documents are secure is vital for any business. However, if you opt for a cloud solution, you might be given a limited retention policy for deleted data. Although this shouldn’t be considered the same as data backup, it could be sufficient for particular applications. For more robust protection, we can help you plan and provide a backup service that fits your business requirements for retention and, more importantly, timely restores if documents are lost.

Furthermore, we can add monitoring and maintenance systems and multi-layered security to any options you choose, helping protect your documents against all sorts of threats. Read more about multi-layered cybersecurity protection here.

These are just a few reasons that you may consider document outsourcing for your business. When you outsource your document storage needs to the experts, you will have the perfect storage solution that works for you. A managed system and the peace of mind that your documents are safe. Contact us today to find the ideal document outsourcing solution.

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