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BYOD: Is Your Comapny Data Safe?

Bring Your Own Device means your employees might be working more efficiently, but have you thought about the security risks involved?

Increasingly, employees expect to be able to use their own devices when they come into work. You may not formally have asked them to use their laptop, phone or iPad in your workplace – they may do it as a matter of course, purely because it is easier for them. In the IT industry, this is the concept of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD. Many companies consider this to be a benefit, as there is strong evidence to support that. However, if your employee downloads their work emails onto their mobile phone or a client asks to log into your wireless network, the implications for your business can are more concerning and deserve some thought.

Is your data secure and safe?

While you may think your data is secure and safe, allowing unknown devices onto your network may inadvertently enable software that can ‘hack’ your systems. Another example would be it could cause viruses to steal or damage your data or, even worse, someone who has malicious intentions stealing your data.

Do you have virus protection?

You may have virus protection, but your employees’ and clients’ devices may not be protected. Having good anti-virus for your IT systems will save your business from unknown devices being a threat. For more information on our award-winning anti-virus package, Bitdefender, click here.

Is BYOD still a good idea?

While BYOD raises concerns, enabling this growing way of working can improve efficiency and allow staff to adapt to the way they like to work.

“A BYOD-carrying employee works an extra two hours and sends 20 more emails every day. One out of three BYOD employees checks work email before the official start of their workday, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.”, a recent survey concluded. (Wheeldon, 2015)

As a result, this means an employee at a critical or busy time can start work earlier and finish later without the undue inconvenience of a fixed device. As a result, this is an excellent model for flexi-employees who need flexible working hours. For example, employees with childcare responsibilities.

Giving your employees the freedom to use their device could benefit your company and your staff. By carrying out a full assessment against threats and tightening security measures, we can give you the reassurance you need to ensure your company data remains safe.

Can Northstar help implement Bring Your Own Device while also keeping my company data safe?

Northstar can offer you advice on risks, cybersecurity and even manage your security for you. All while maximising the productivity of your employees. Contact Northstar today to find out more.

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