Staying connected with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Staying connected

The global pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Microsoft Teams can help teams collaborate during these challenging times.

The global pandemic has changed the way we work, maybe forever. With 44 million daily Teams users, video calls have increased by 1000%, and weekly meeting minutes have increased by 200%. As a result, Microsoft Teams helped teams collaborate across the globe during these challenging times. Find out how Microsoft Teams can do the same for your business.

Why is Microsoft Teams so popular?

Microsoft Teams is a hub with everything you need all in one place. So, you can work with your team no matter where you are. The workspace enables you to communicate with your team over chats, calls and meetings. It has Office applications, content and authoring capabilities, your everyday apps and services and bots and connectors. 

Microsoft Teams enables your team to streamline connections across devices, ensuring a seamless, consistent experience with superior audio and video quality. You can connect with personal and shared room devices and integrate your phone system for calling capabilities. 

Transform your workplace collaboration into one unified digital hub where teams can meet, call and chat. As a result, this will elevate remote productivity by streamlining business processes. Moreover, Microsoft Teams will empower your team by hosting 1:1 meetings, group events or large virtual conferences.

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams helps you stay protected with cost-effective security, which will help reduce costs and risk in the long term. Consolidating to one platform can help your security team to coordinate protection, detection, response and prevention more efficiently. Lastly, this will help ensure compliance and governance across the board.

Access all your work in one place

Stay connected with your team through video, chat and meetings. Collaborate and customise your files with Office 365 apps. As a result, this will increase your productivity. 

Communicate through Chat

Microsoft Team allows you to communicate and keep the team in the know through threaded, persistent and contextual chat. Use private chat for 1:1s or group conversations and communicate across geographies. Share information openly and transparently but also humanise the workplace with gifs, stickers and emojis. 

Run engaging and productive meetings

Microsoft Teams offers effective, real-time communication and online meetings with VoIP and dial-in audio conferencing. Also, keep your team engaged with HD video. Furthermore, you can collaborate in real-time with screen share and integrated apps. Lastly, join and start meetings instantly with a single click on mobile, desktop or web browser.

Collaborate with integrated Office 365 apps

Quickly access all your favourite apps, for example, SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI and Planner integration. Here, you can access the conversations, files and tools you need to collaborate. Also, search across people, files and chats. As a result, you can share and co-author files within the app. Lastly, keep the whole team updated with email integration.

Customise and extend collaboration

Customise your workspace to include the apps and services your team needs. For example, add bots that work on your teams’ behalf and integrate third-party services that you already use daily. Furthermore, you can pin important files for easy reference in the workspace and build integrations into existing business processes. You can manage all these trusted apps for your employees and organisation. 

Work with secure confidence

Get built-in security, compliance and manageability from Office 365. Microsoft Teams boasts of global hyper-scale cloud, including local data residency and compliance leadership with EUMC, HIPAA and more. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams has built-in information protection with eDiscovery and audit, multi-factor authentication and secure guest access. Manage all aspects of security in a single coherent admin experience. Furthermore, you can work securely and with confidence with enterprise security, compliance and manageability.

Be more prepared than ever

With Microsoft Teams, you can schedule meetings based on attendee availability and create agendas in meeting descriptions to set the pace for your team. Search across people, files and chat threads and review reports and team status effortlessly with the integrated apps and chat logs. As a result, you will always be ready to work.

Follow up and never miss a thing

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to stay on track quickly and efficiently, as you can access crucial team documents and chat history and track progress and updates instantly with the integrated Office 365 apps. Furthermore, you can share notes and other collaborations files openly or privately and record meetings with transcription and save them to the cloud for viewing at any time.

What can Microsoft Teams do for my team?

Microsoft Teams for the Marketing team

Strategise, share and collaborate in real-time to coordinate marketing activities and deliver campaigns to internal and external stakeholders.

Microsoft Teams for the Sales team

Write and share proposals easily online with team members and key stakeholders. Also, manage sales planning, training and sales readiness all in one place.

Microsoft Teams for the Finance team

Seamlessly gather and report on financial performance data in one place with integrated apps and sharing features.

Microsoft Teams for the HR team

Manage resources across your organisation for recruitment, training and reviews with quick access to file sharing and control settings.

Microsoft Teams for the IT team

Transform IT planning and execution with organised communication channels and the ability to collaborate instantly with teammates.

Microsoft Teams for the Engineering team

Move quickly between ideation, development and deployment with integrated developer tools.

Microsoft Teams for the Project Management team

Digitally manage project stakeholders, tools, budgets, project reviews and feedback.

So why not contact Northstar and start empowering your teams today with Microsoft Teams.

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