Cloud to cloud backup solutions for business

Cloud to Cloud Backup Solutions for Your Business

Find out how cloud to cloud backup solutions can help keep your data secure and help you reach your business goals.

Cloud to cloud backup is the copying of data stored on one cloud service to another. Some cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, have a built-in backup solution to protect data, but it is restricted. Imagine you needed to restore from backup last year’s accounts spreadsheet. But what if someone deletes it one year ago after the previous audit. For example, if the spreadsheets are in SharePoint, it would not be there because deleted files in SharePoint keeps data for 93 days in the trash a, plus 14 days after that.

What about other cloud storage methods?

Dropbox for business does offer 180 days of backup. However, regular dropbox accounts, OneDrive and Exchange Online only provide 30 days of backup before your data and files are lost.

Your files stored within Microsoft Teams use the native functionality of either OneDrive for business or SharePoint Online. So, whatever you use, your backup time is based on that. 

Why backup?

As with all types of system, even cloud-based systems can fail. All the Cloud suppliers recommend in their terms that you use multiple backups for added security.   

How can Northstar help with your Cloud backup?

Northstar backup services are popular, quick and easy to use. We backup almost any system from Office 365 to large bespoke databases. By storing backups in the Cloud, you do not need on-site storage, which reduces complexity and cost. Northstar can manage your backups requiring no manual intervention from you. Furthermore, you can see what’s happening in the portal or by receiving regular reports.

What are the benefits of Cloud to Cloud backup?


Cloud to cloud backup has many benefits. The most important is you can quickly restore your data from a Cloud location to another Cloud location. Downloads to in-house equipment are restricted by internet connectivity. However, bandwidth is much more readily available in the Cloud.


Cloud data backup is reliable and efficient. It allows you to use state-of-the-art technology without having to purchase expensive hardware and devices. If you have co-hosted servers and your business cannot withstand even short periods of downtime, Northstar can provide a full disaster recovery service. Meaning we can replace your infrastructure quickly or instantly if required.  

Scalability and flexibility

Cloud storage is also scalable and flexible. You only have to pay for the space that you are using. Plus, you can increase that space to any size as required. Similarly, this is also true for cloud backups. Pay as you go usage will allow you to keep a long history of file versions, protect against file deletion or corruption that does not get noticed for long periods. Also, for virus infections that go undetected, you can restore from a backup taken yesterday or any day before that to find a day before the virus took hold.    

Backup Cost

Backup storage can often be lower cost than production storage both on-site and in the Cloud. By archiving files that you rarely use, you can restore them to production storage at any time. Companies use this for projects that are placed on hold or as infrequently accessed reference material. As a result, this allows you to save even more money over time.

The Cloud can be an accessible and affordable solution for many of the data protection requirements for businesses. Outsourcing your needs to a cloud-based provider will free up your team and provide access to expertise to increase efficiency and control costs.

Contact us today to find out how cloud-to-cloud backup can help your business reach its goals.

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