Bitdefender vs Windows Defender

Bitdefender vs Windows Defender: Which is Best for my business?

Here we compare the pros and cons of Bitdefender vs Windows Defender and tell you the best one to protect your business against cyberattacks.

With the rise in frequency and seriousness of cyberattacks, getting the best cybersecurity protection is crucial for your business. Here we compare the pros and cons of Bitdefender vs Windows Defender and tell you the best one to protect your business against cyberattacks. 


If we look at features, Bitdefender comes out on top. It boasts an extensive list of features that can help protect you against cyber attacks. For example, 

  • Advanced Threat Defense, like anti-malware
  • microphone and webcam protection
  • software and wifi vulnerability protection
  • scanners and firewalls
  • SafePay
  • limited VPN
  • Password manager
  • File encryption. 

Windows Defender does have some good features, but there are limitations. It has an antivirus scanner and detects immediate threats, and can even complete targeted scanning of particular folders or drives. Furthermore, it offers web protection, like Smart web, anti-phishing and anti-malware. Windows Defence has access to the Microsoft Cloud-based database of threats. Also, it provides round the clock protection to prevent malware and tampering. Lastly, it protects against ransomware with backups and network and system firewalls.

Although Windows Defender is an all-round security suite, Bitdefender has the most comprehensive set of features and offers more than Windows Defender. 


Bitdefender and Windows defender is excellent at protecting your devices. However, Bitdefender has security and privacy-enhancing features, making it the top choice between the two. 

User-friendly interface

Bitdefender is easy to install in 10 minutes, and the dashboard is easy to use. The good thing about Bitdefender is that it’s easy to use for beginners, but if you are more experienced, there are customisable settings to get the results you want. 

Windows defender starts automatically but will give way to any third-party antivirus. It is easy to use and has no complicated features. Furthermore, it works in the background and only occasional prompts. 

Overall, Bitdefender has the edge as the dashboard is better. It also has immediate scanning options. 


In terms of price, Windows Defender is the clear winner because it is a free service with Windows 10. However, Bitdefender comes with a monthly premium subscription. 


With Bitdefender, you are paying for premium 24/7 support. You can access 16 lines of support in different countries around the world. You can also access an extensive knowledge base of FAQs, instruction guides and a community forum. 

On the other hand, Windows Defender offers little to no support because it is free. There is a community answers forum and helpful guides and articles. You can purchase Windows premium support. However, at the price of upgrading to premium support, you could pay for Bitdefender. 

System Performance

Bitdefender is light on your system resources and adapts to your hardware configurations. However, Windows Defender is often resource-hungry. 


Windows Defender is built into Windows OS and works only with Windows, whereas Bitdefender works across platforms and devices. 

In conclusion, Windows Defender might be good for a home user, but Bitdefender can offer more. To ensure that your business data is safe, it is worth paying extra for the extra security With Bitdefender. 

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