Bitdefender Security Software Solutions

Bitdefender Security Software Solutions for office or business

Find out how Bitdefender Security Software Solutions can help your business fight cyber threats with solutions like EDR and XDR.

The Bitdefender Security Software Solutions offer cybersecurity resilience for enterprises. The award-winning Bitdefender threat prevention, detection & response platform and managed security services can help your business stay secure from cyber threats.

In our hyperconnected world, there are unpredictable cyber risks. However, Bitdefender security software solutions can help your business become more cyber resilient. Get access to 

  • Unify endpoint security and analytics across endpoints and hybrid workloads with easy administration.
  • Access unmatched attack prevention technologies and machine-learning models to identify and stop more attacks.
  • Experts you can hold accountable with 24/7 security operations with pre-defined response playbooks.
  • Built-in advanced threat intelligence and threat research from the front lines, collaborating with law enforcement and academia.
  • Better return on investment. Bitdefender takes the complexity out of security to reduce risk at a lower total cost. 

Enable Cyber Resilience

Bitdefender security software solutions enhance your ability to withstand cyber threats, which helps business continuity.

Complex cyber-attacks are now commonplace, and your business success also depends on the ability to continue to operate when faced with attacks. Bitdefender GravityZone integrates risk analysis with hardening, threat prevention, detection & response capabilities to keep your organisation cyber resilient. 

Improve cybersecurity Compliance

As technologies and data security regulations evolve, you must ensure that you have the cybersecurity technology to help your compliance efforts.

Whether your HIPAA compliance or GDPR security standards are concerns, Bitdefender makes things easier. Bitdefender provides the necessary controls, visibility, and data retention to make security compliance simple and effective. 

Access Managed Security Services

Access managed security services. For example, leverage the most advanced security technology and count on a simple, cost-effective managed security service provider to help keep your costs down.

Bitdefender GravityZone offers the simplicity and flexibility you need to have market-leading managed security services. This single, integrated solution delivers outstanding hardening, prevention, and detection from a centralised dashboard. You have the power to cover a wide range of assets and environments with efficiency, high responsiveness, and no resource strain.

Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions is dedicated to cloud workload security.

Security is the #1 challenge for cloud users. The rate and pace of change in business models and the adoption of new cloud-based enterprise platforms have never been greater. However, the companies are increasingly abandoning the dynamic nature of workloads and traditional security tools.

Bitdefender delivers a purpose-built solution to address the unique requirements of server workload protection and cloud-native application security, delivering high-performance cloud workload security (CWS) and automation through comprehensive integrations. Furthermore, it helps deal with the environment sprawl with consolidated security management across hybrid, multi-cloud environments, Linux, Windows, and containers.

Secure Data Centres

80% of enterprises have adopted a hybrid-cloud strategy. As industry-analysis firm Gartner® emphasises, “Agile, efficient infrastructure starts with your data centre. From today’s software-defined data centres to an integrated hybrid cloud approach, effective data centre risk protection and security enable resilience and competitiveness..”

With datacentre security solutions from Bitdefender, you can protect your servers and virtual desktops in any cloud effectively and consistently. For example, agility gained via security automation can help you minimise the time spent managing security from days to hours. However, unlike traditional endpoint security, the Bitdefender approach involves offloading centralised scanning to dedicated storage virtual appliances (SVAs), which frees up significant resources. For example, tests have shown virtualisation density is up to 55% higher, and application performance is 36% faster. 

Secure endpoints

Compromised endpoints cause more than half of data breaches. As your endpoint surface area grows in complexity, modernising your endpoint security will ensure you can withstand advanced threats.

Bitdefender’s full-stack protection for endpoints helps you enhance your endpoint security strategy and architecture. Furthermore, it enables multi-layered endpoint protection that disrupts the entire attack chain and has fast remediation capabilities while also addressing the human-driven risks across your organisation.  

Secure Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Protect your business against cyber threats with a leading security solution at a price that suits you.

Bitdefender’s cutting-edge small business cybersecurity solution minimises the threat of a security breach that could slow down your systems or put your business at risk. GravityZone protects your endpoints and gives you the confidence that comes with a solution that consistently outperforms conventional SMB security tools.

Simplify Cybersecurity Operations

Reduce the pressure on your IT and Security teams with a service that combines industry-leading security technologies with a modern 24-hour security operation.

Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides cybersecurity operations 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The MDR services combine cybersecurity for endpoints, plus network and security analytics. Furthermore, you get access to the threat-hunting expertise of a SOC fully staffed by security analysts from global intelligence agencies.

Bitdefender provides resilience

Unified Prevention, Detection & Response Platform

Bitdefender works across endpoints, productivity apps, identities, networks, and hybrid cloud workloads with high efficacy, multiple security functions and easy administration.

Unmatched Attack Prevention

Bitdefender prevention technologies and machine-learning models identify and stop pre-attacks. It does not just detect and respond after the incident.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Bitdefender combines advanced threat protection with out-of-the-box analytics and rich security context. As a result, this correlates disparate alerts and quickly triage incidents and attack containment through an automated and guided response.

Experts You Can Hold Accountable

The Bitdefender Security Operations Centre (SOC) works for you 24×7 because attackers never sleep, but neither does Bitdefender; even at 3 AM, they provide action plans, not just tickets.

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